Abstract: This deliverable is the first one of a series of three exploitation reports that will be delivered by the project consortium during its 30-month work plan. It defines the market and exploitation plan to be
followed by the project during its lifetime and presents the initial results corresponding to the first eleven months.

Due to the importance of understanding the environment in which 5GTANGO is developing its activity, this deliverable begins with a context analysis. The external analysis is the result of the ongoing market and technology watch started by 5GTANGO partners on day one of the project. It provides an overview about how Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has evolved since the first specifications to the current post-hype phase, about the consolidation experimented in the market, and about the disruption caused in the traditional telecommunications value chain. This external context analysis is complemented with a review of the most relevant comparable solutions that are currently active in the market, as well as the main technology trends; the goal is to identify the areas where the project innovation and differentiation can make an impact. The internal context analysis presented later shows how the external situation has influenced the project’s positioning towards stakeholders. It includes the project main outcomes, the features desired for our solution and its value proposition.

Then we present the strategy that has been designed in order to create the widest impact possible with the project results. 5GTANGO is building on top of SONATA results, enhancing and extending its functionality, and this has determined the 5GTANGO impact strategy and the six main pillars on which it is based on, as described below.

One of the main pillars in which 5GTANGO exploitation plan is founded on is its open source strategy. The project results will be available in a GitHub public repository under the permissive
open source license Apache v2.0. To create the widest impact possible with the open source results of the project, the consortium will monitor and actively promote collaboration with the more relevant open source communities to the project, such as OSM (Open Source MANO) or ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform). This is the second pillar of our exploitation strategy. The third pillar is the contribution to standards bodies, which is also an essential focus of the project. Many partners in this consortium are actively involved in several relevant standardization bodies, which will allow the project to influence their directions and to exploit important research results coming out of 5GTANGO.

The project is also actively contributing to the 5G Public Private Partnership (5GPPP) community through its participation in several working groups and the collaboration with other 5G PPP phase 2 projects.
Initial individual exploitation plans of the partners are defined with the intention of creating the highest value possible for their organizations, improving their competitive advantage in the case of the industrial partners and/ or promoting knowledge transfer and development of specific research areas in the case of academic partners.

Finally, a communication and dissemination campaign was carried out by all partners with the objective of reaching the bigger audience possible with the project outcomes. The main goal of the communication and dissemination campaign during this first of year was to create project awareness.

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