During June 21st-22nd, CTTC hosted 5GTANGO plenary meeting. 33 atendants from the 17 companies joined forces and discussed for two days the pilots, use cases, requirements, architecture and communication and exploitation plans.

At this year's EUCNC, 5GTANGO has contributed to the conference with two mayor outstanding dissemination events: Poster session and 5GPPP Phase 2 session. 

5GTANGO, 5G development and validation platform for global industry-specific network services and apps, is a large EU co-funded research project starting in June 2017. The project objective is to foster the dynamic service development and validation for Industry-specific Network Services in 5G environments. 5GTANGO is a highly collaborative effort, with 17 partners representing telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers, research and academic institutes.

Sonia Castro (ATOS) has presented an overview of 5GTANGO project in Brussels (2017/06/01). We are glad to kickoff the project together with all other projects from 5GPPP Phase2.


Welcome to the new 5GTANGO project website! Here we'll be able to keep you up to date with the iterative results of the project, the latest community news, insights on software networks through our blog, and more.

We're also on Twitter, and you can follow the latest happenings on @5Gtango.

Stay tuned for more soon!