5GTANGO will be present at Mobile World Congress (MWC2019) located in Barcelona (Spain) during 25th-28th February 2019. 5GTANGO will be present at Mobile World Capital booth (CS40). Two demo videos will be presented:

  • The communications demo shows all the steps needed to deploy a collaboration system for real-time communications over 5GTANGO NFV Platform. This includes the setup of multiple Network Slices over SONATA NFV Service Platform. Each instance of a collaboration system for real-time communications is deployed on each Network Slice, with different QoS requirements. This demo leverages all the automatic procedures provided by 5GTANGO to instantiate an operative Network Slice including Network Services in just a few minutes with almost no effort. The final services provide advanced collaborative features such as multi-conference, screen sharing and whiteboard.
  • The immersive media demo will showcase how 5G networks will enhance the experience of end users regarding media services by improving their immersiveness into multiple 360º and non-360º video streams and even the integration of their social media channels. This will allow, for example, end user enjoy sports events in a new dimension. The SONATA Platform hosts the VNFs required to run these services with minimal hardware requirements from the end user devices. The demo leverages the automatic deployment and management of the Network Service components for a seamless experience maintaining a low latency at the same time.

 Moreover, we will be presenting 5GTANGO in Mobile World Capital Auditorium at CS40 on Monday the 25th of February. 

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