Next Monday 17th the last session of the Docker Security Guidelines Web Seminar will be held. Registration are now open.


Container technologies have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. They provide a convenient way of packaging applications for deployment in production and offer lightweight alternatives to virtual machines (VMs). However, containers do not offer the same security benefits as VMs and - from a security perspective - many things can be done wrong when developing and running containerized workloads.

This web-seminar gives an overview of security threats and common vulnerability patterns related to designing, developing, and deploying docker containers. The focus are the most common docker vulnerability patterns, as seen "in the wild" from the experience of security assessments and based on security best practices. Insecure practices, potential misconfigurations and common pitfalls related to the building of docker images, containers at runtime, and the host environment are covered. For every issue, secure solutions, available protection mechanisms, as well as examples are provided.

The target audience of this web-seminar are developers with a basic understanding of docker who want and need to ensure they build and run containerized workloads in a secure manner. Only issues to docker and docker-compose are covered. More complex container orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes or OpenShift, are out of scope. As preparation we suggest reading Section 4.5.3 of 5GCroCo Deliverable D3.2

Speaker bio:

Fabian Würfl works as Security Consultant at SEC Consult. His main areas of work are web application pen tests, network security assessments and Docker/Kubernetes/OpenShift security assessments. He regularly holds secure coding trainings for developers and works on internal software development projects.



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